ExtronusPvP RanksEdit

All of the following ranks can be purchased in the ExtronusPvP store (Located here), and are permanent once purchased. Each rank unlocks various features and in-game features.

  • Mortal
    • [Mortal] chat prefix (Light Gray)
  • Chrono
    • Mortal features
    • [Chrono] chat prefix (Light Green)
  • Lord
    • Chrono features
    • [Lord] chat prefix (Dark Blue)
  • Elder
    • Lord features
    • [Elder] chat prefix (Dark Green)
  • God
    • Elder features
    • [God] chat prefix (Light Blue)
  • OverLord
    • God features
    • [Overlord] chat prefix (Dark Red)

Build TeamEdit

  • Build Team
    • [Builder] chat prefix (Orange)
    • Members of the ExtronusPvP Build Team
    • The Build Team builds the structure that you see on ExtronusPvP! 


  • Helper
    • [HELPER] chat prefix. (Blue)
    • Focuses on helping and monitoring the chat.
  • Moderator
    • [MOD] chat prefix. (Dark Green)
    • Monitors chat, and (may) bans hackers.
  • Sinior Moderator
    • [SRMOD] chat prefix. (Dark Green)
    • Monitors chat, and (may) bans hackers.
  • Administrator
    • [ADMIN] chat prefix. (Dark Red)
    • Focus on the upkeep' of the ExtronusPvP server.
  • Owner
    • [OWNER] chat prefix. (Dark Red)
    • "Owners" of the ExtronusPvP Network
    • Currently the only three people to have this rank are PurPLeEPiC , h3yh0y and DarkEpicMaster .

Special Edit

  • Youtube
    • [YT] chat prefix (Dark Red)
    • Receiving the Youtuber rank by recording server
  • Twitch
    • [TWITCH] chat prefix (Purple)
    • Base rank is Youtube
    • Receiving the Twitch rank by recording server